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R.P.I. Townscape Print
Limited Edition Lithograph
10" x 29"
The Troy Townscape
Limited Edition Lithograph

Townscapes by Leonard Weber

Leonard Weber has been painting Panoramic Townscape Prints of cities, towns, campus and historic restorations for twenty years.

He was born in New York City and studied at the Art Student League. As a boy, his mother, who loved art, took him to museums. In this way she passed on this love and it became his lifelong calling.

In 1973 while visiting a museum in Denver, Leonard saw an oriental scroll that was astonishing. It was approximately 70 ft. in length. Painted in a Sumi brush style, it depicted a Shogun warlord followed by a small army of Samurai warriors. Behind them came villagers, children, animals, carts, beggars and others.

It was truly a remarkable work of art and a dazzling documentation of a feudal culture. Borrowing the elongated concept, Leonard Weber developed the panoramic watercolor and the Panoramic Townscape Print Series.